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Welcome Party

Our Welcome Party (very first event of the school year) is always a great chance for new and returning students to participate in fun activities, familiarize themselves with JSA McGill, win great prizes, and meet others who show love and passion for Japan! The party is also catered, providing party-goers with a chance to indulge in some authentic Japanese food and dessert.

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Based off of the Japanese culture of “Nomihoudai” (飲み放題), our AYCD parties offer unlimited beverages for a night that you won’t ever forget! Our parties are GUARANTEED to sell out, and include sake bombs, a wide assortment of alcoholic beverages, photographers, and much more!

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Restaurant Outings

JSA McGill partners up with various eateries and restaurants in Montreal to bring you All-You-Can-Eat sushi, ramen, and izakaya outings at an unbeatable price. The restaurant outings are a great way to spend time with others in JSA McGill and to discover the many great Japanese restaurants in this city. This year, we’ve introduced membership discount cards (for only $5) that will give you exclusive deals on many eateries in Montreal.

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There is no better way to celebrate your time in JSA McGill with a giant party at the end of the year! Usually in collaboration with other associations, our semi-formal is a chance to dress up, have a fancy dinner, and enjoy a glamorous night out with the JSA family.

Career Seminars

Many Japanese recruitment agencies and international companies visit JSA McGill to help promote their career-related events from school to school. If you’ve ever considered working for a Japanese company or pursuing a job in Japan, this is an exclusive chance to gain an advantage in the process! From information sessions to first-round interviews, these career seminars provide an unbeatable opportunity for you to better your future!

What people say about us


"I love JSA" - Jakamasa


"JSA Events are by far the best events I've ever been to" - Miko Naka


"Best people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting"- James McGill