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15% off from Sundays to Thursdays

Kinka Izakaya

Marusan e2b09dcaffdadc3b2ed4ca3638de6e075f4f24adefe98eb69e0bc21c820a7e2a

A free glass of Sapporo for a meal over $20

Marusan Comptoir Japonais

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15% off from Sundays to Thursdays

Kinton Ramen

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10% off

L2 Lounge

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Free sake bomb from Sundays to Thursdays

* with purchase of $20+


Kabotcha 2ce61abccf73350aa6466d774d257156e9fce8ceb25a554e20f64dda771b3931

Free soft drink or a glass of beer with meal purchase

* must exceed $10 excluding tax and tip

* present your card before ordering

* discount valid only for cardholder

Kabocha Izakaya

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15% off from Sunday to Tuesday.

C'est Si Bon


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Chef on Call

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